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Is a blend of 8 superb teas beneficial towards slimming, removing fat deposits, especially at. Satos ploy to slim down was to spend a solid month guzzling healthya, the japanese bottled tea thats marketed as a beverage. About 111 of these are slimming tea, 59 are green tea, and 11 are tea drinks. Diet hel sea dietary fiber diet tea tea japanese green tea arahata garden fathers. Japans bestselling slimming & detox tea for natural weight loss benefits remove dietary fat relieving constipation aid digestion relieve water retention. Who said weight loss requires you to starve and give up your. Matcha tea this green tea from japan is the latest health food ingredient. Yamamoto diet tea slimming fat loss japan tea 10g x 24 bags 28mall. Com offers 100 original brands guarantee helps maintain the health of liver,kidney. Buy slimming tea japanese green tea bags 48 capsules online at watsons singapore. Besides 21st century, watsons offer discount prices on weight. Made of mulberry leaves, red sun diet cha can reduce bloating, indigestion, edema, and poor bowel movement while eliminating excessive fat in the body for. Night diet tea corner page of don quijote global shopping site. Our products price is the same as the shop front price in japan.

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