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Sculpt your abs and blast away the belly flab that covers them with these moves. No time to go workout? Try this routine! It takes 3mins to sweat but 12-15mins for fat burning. Comourfitnessjourneyguide this workout video is real time - do it with me ! An intense. Lysnuftj lose 16-24 lbs in two months with our 8 week fat loss programs to lose weight. 4 minute progressive fat burning circuit for the abdominal muscles. To get the best out my workout videos, you must commit yourself to workout. A 10 min intense lower abs at home no equipment workout to target your lower belly. Fire through these circuit routines to incinerate belly fat and see results at warp speed. Defined abdominal muscles or abs have become a symbol of fitness and health. For this reason, the internet is full of information about how. Fitness experts share their favorite belly fat-burning workouts, no crunches required. The secret to lose belly fat and score amazing abs? Stop doing crunches and start following these diet and exercise tips.

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